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To apply for admission to the Design major for the 2020/21 academic year students should declare their major as pre-design and register for DES 2510 Summer Studio for the Summer 2020 semester. The application form and portfolio process will be facilitated in the studio. The studio will be held for the first session of the Summer Semester – please see the catalog and schedule for dates.
Spring info sessions TBA.

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Multi-Disciplinary Design [MDD] combines an empathetic & curious way of seeing the world with rigorous methods of observation, ideation & production. Designers ethically respond to the needs of people and the environment using a creative process based approach. Ideas are implemented in a strategic manner & always question the status quo.

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We are committed to creating beautiful design solutions that go beyond pure function and have an aesthetic and emotional resonance with the end user.



We believe designers have an ethical responsibility as global citizens.



We understand that there are limited resources in human, material and environmental domains.  Our commitment is to manage and sustain those for the maximum benefit with a long term perspective.


Human Centered

We are committed to solve real problems that impact real people through a systematic human centered design process.



We focus on understanding the broader context of designed artifacts ensuring that there is a broader perspective in all activities.



Our commitment is to developing design solutions that make a difference in the lives of individuals, organizations and the broader world.

Design Theory

Design Theory

Our program provides students with an understanding of the history and context of design and the artifacts that they produce.  This includes theoretical thinking about issues of ethics, sustainability, desire and need all seen through an empathetic lens. Theory and history are addressed through seminar courses and the design studio.




MDD students have a sophisticated understanding of design research principles and methods.  These are utilized and reinforced in all artifact generation efforts.  Students are encouraged to get out of the classroom and interact with all stakeholders to gain a user-centered perspective.

2d Design

2d Design

MDD Students are trained to merge image, diagram and text utilizing graphic design principles and rapid visualization techniques.  This includes course work in sketching, graphic design, typography, marketing, branding and packaging.


3d Design

3d Design

Our program trains students to be makers of physical objects.  They have a deep understanding of the formal, material, functional and aesthetic properties of the objects that they create.  In addition, they utilize the latest digital technologies to help them realize their concepts.

Design Process

Design Process

Our students understand complex systems and the relationship between design interventions and implications across a broader context.  The students are trained in a systematic, iterative design process that is reinforced across the curriculum.




MDD students understand the principles of entrepreneurship and are empowered to make their creations viable.  They also develop the necessary skills and attitude to find opportunities in the world, develop solutions and then translate those into real impact.


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