The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Admissions Process

Admission to the Multi-Disciplinary Design (MDD) program is through an application and portfolio process outlined below. Admissions are conducted at the end of spring and summer semesters. Students must have all pre-requisites complete by the spring semester of application with exception of DES 4011. Students may fill out the application Spring 2018 and complete DES 4011 in the Summer 2018 semester and still qualify. (Space in the summer section of DES 4011 is very limited) The admission process includes an online form and digital portfolio submission.

University of Utah students interested in the Design program should contact our college advisor, Amaris Leiataua to set up an initial advising session. Students who are actively pursuing pre-requisites with the intent of applying should declare their major as Pre-Design as soon as possible. This allows us to better communicate and notify potential students of portfolio workshops, lectures, etc.

Please note that admissions to the MDD program is solely based on portfolio. Grades in pre-requisite classes are not a guarantee of admission to the program. 


This application process is for students admitted to the University prior to Spring 2017 who have completed (or will complete this spring or summer semester) the pre-design courses and all general education requirements at the University of Utah.  The Admissions Office may be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (801) 585-9206.


Part 1: Application Form 

1. The application form is available from April 1 – April 30, 2018. The application form must be completed and submitted before April 30, 2018. Students taking DES 4011 in the Summer 2018 semester who would like to apply for admission to the program in the Fall 2018 should complete the application form before April 30, 2018. 

2. The following questions are included in the application form. Please complete each answer in 250 words or less:

> How do you think the MDD program will benefit your education and career in design?

> In what ways have you engaged the MDD program? Please list any lectures attended, service or other related activities that you have participated in.

> The MDD program seeks to admit motivated and self-directed students who will define their own trajectory in education and the design profession. How do you plan to leverage a degree in design.

> Please list the focus points in our program that interest you.

> Describe a difficult situation that you have faced working in a group. What actions did you take, what was the resolve, and what did you learn?

> Are you planning to apply to graduate school?

> Do you want us to know anything else about you as a candidate?


Part 2: Portfolio

1.  You must submit a digital portfolio of your work. It must be received by 5:00 pm Thursday, May 10, 2018.

> Please note, if you are applying for admission to the major in Fall 2018 but are taking DES 4011 in Summer 2018 you must complete Part 1 above, but you will submit your portfolio at the end of the summer semester. 

In order to submit a portfolio you must be registered at the University of student and have access to the Adobe Creative Suite which includes Adobe portfolio editor. Portfolio sites must be password protected.

Submit the portfolio domain and password to the form here.

Please double check that your domain and password work or else your portfolio will not be accepted.

1. Use ’Thomas’ layout in Adobe Portfolio Editor
2. Must include a page for each of the following:

> Questions: responses to 5 required questions in the application
> Projects: Include Project Name, Project Description, Breif (1 paragraph), Summary of your response/understanding (1-2 paragraphs), Course Number / Name, Faculty, Semester / Year, Group Project or Individual? (If Group who and what was your role)


//  You will not need to ask for any letters of recommendation.

// If not presently attending the University of Utah:

a. You must be a current University of Utah student to apply to the program. If you are interested in transferring from another school, you must first transfer to the U, complete the Design Foundations courses and DES 2615, DES 2510, and then apply to the MDD program.

b. transfer students must also apply to the University of Utah: