The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Jonathan Mills

Visiting Assistant Professor

Jonathan Mills is a visiting assistant professor teaching introductory rapid visualization skills as well as upper level studio courses for MDD minors and majors in collaboration with regional partners in health and the natural resources. Previously, Jonathan was the Program Coordinator for and taught in the Industrial + Interaction Design Program at Syracuse University, where his studio teaching focused on public outreach collaboration. With co-design project partners including VA Justice Outreach, ARISE Child + Family Services, WelchAllyn Healthcare, non-profit water accessibility groups in Eastern Africa, and K-12 sustainable energy education organizations in Washington, D.C., Jonathan’s design education approach challenges students to learn through direct engagement in large and complex social matters. Jonathan completed a BS of Industrial Design and a Master’s of Architecture from Virginia Tech, and is the faculty advisor for student IDSA efforts in the MDD program.