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Speaking With Images – Jonathan Mills at TEDxHerndon

Speaking With Images – Jonathan Mills at TEDxHerndon

This May Jonathan Mills, Assistant professor in the Design program at the University of Utah, delivered a TED talk called “Speaking with Images”. Jonathan was invited to present at the third TEDxHerndon event held in Northern Virginia themed “Difficult Conversations.” Selected speakers related back to this theme, offering their perspectives on communication and questioning the ways that we interact and share information.

In “Speaking With Images” Jonathan explains the communicative power of drawing. The process of image making engages the kinetic energy of the body and the cognitive capacity of the brain at the same time. Drawing produces synthetic units of communication that transcend the linear strictures of linguistic syntax. Jon explains that this tool for communication allows us to express the impact of our experience in a form consistent with the way we take it all in. Drawing as a way of speaking stresses the uniqueness of our individual perspectives and at the same time keys us into the universal desire to communicate with one another.

Jonathan currently serves as the Social Impact Coordinator for the Design program in addition to his work as assistant professor. He teaches course in rapid visualization and leads upper division studio classes focused on public outreach, collaboration and social impact.


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Video credit: TEDx Talks 

Author: Sayde Price