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Design Lecture Series featured guest presenter: Bill Foulkes

Design Lecture Series featured guest presenter: Bill Foulkes

Bill Foulkes
“Designed for Entrepreneurship”
Tuesday, March 8th at 6:00 pmFOULKES_lid16
Marriott Honors Center, Big Ideas Room 1205

As a designer and an artist, you are the leader the world is looking for. For the past decade, there has been a strong interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, as institutions struggle to invent new futures, to capture new opportunities and to overcome major challenges. The search for the magical alchemy that can spark creativity has led to the corporate embrace of “design thinking,” an immensely popular term for describing the process of investigating, innovating and implementing new ideas.

But design has always been at the core of every successful entrepreneurial venture and business innovation. The business world has just had a hard time understanding it and learning it. An emerging body of research and writing around the role of “design thinking” and “creative intelligence” highlights how the characteristics, qualities and approaches of designers and artists are vital to creating entrepreneurial cultures that can change the world.

RISD’s Bill Foulkes will speak on the vital link between design thinking and entrepreneurial thinking. If you learn design, the entrepreneurship will follow.

Bill Foulkes is a strategic planning and marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and currently a faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design. The course he has created, Design and Entrepreneurial Thinking, introduces artists and designers to business concepts and enhances their abilities to bring their ideas to reality. This curriculum originated during Bill’s tenure as the Executive Director of the Center for Design and Business at RISD.

This lecture series is hosted by The David Eccles School of Business + Multi-Disciplinary Design.